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Benefit from over 15 years’ tuition experience all around the world. Established and run by former professional swimmers, BodyBlue Swimming Coaching offers first-class services in swimming tuition and coaching, perfect for even the most demanding of clients.


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BodyBlue Swimming Coaching and Swimming Classes


Swimming is the perfect all-round exercise, as it allows you to tone your whole body, move your joints and improve the oxygen flow around your body, without placing any impact whatsoever on the joints and therefore without risking injury. For these and many other reasons, swimming is the ideal activity for anyone suffering from back problems, obesity, high blood pressure, etc.



In BodyBlue we use our proven successful method based on both science and years of first-hand experience, which first encourages you to become familiar with the water, then learning how to breathe and glide through the water correctly. This way you are guaranteed to enjoy an enriching, revitalizing experience, freeing yourself of any prior fears or anxiety.


BlueKids Swimming Classes for kids
BlueKids Swimming Classes for kids


Our passion for the water combined with our many years of experience means we can guarantee that within just a few sessions, children quickly lose their fear of the water and instead replace that fear with awareness and respect. They first learn to adapt to the water naturally through the use of play, before introducing them progressively to the more technical and coordinative side of the different styles of swimming.


BluePrenatal Swimming Classes
BluePrenatal Swimming Classes for pregnancy

BluePrenatal is the best form of exercise while pregnant!


Having no gravity on the body you can get a great workout and get your heart rate up without feeling heavy and beside your baby will enjoy it as much, being in her/his natural environment.


The water helps support the belly and relieves pressure from the spine and pelvis while swimming, doing gentle exercises or water walking.

It helps to reduce back pain, promote healthy weight gain and strengthen your heart and blood vessels as well as help you lose the baby weight more quickly after delivery.


BabyBlue Swimming Classes for baby
BabyBlue Swimming Classes for baby

In the BabyBlue program, we work in private sessions with babies from 8 weeks through to 3 years of age, stimulating them to float and submerge in water.

The program will not only enhance your child’s enjoyment of the aquatic environment but will build on their strength, immune system, co-ordination, and motor skills.
The babies are engaged with fun activities that may one day not only save their life, but also, build on their overall physical and brain development